1. Toes Polish (Shape, Remove Cuticle, Polish)
35 min – £15

2. Shellac Pedicure (File, Remove Cuticle, polish)
1 h – £30

3. Pedicure (Including Massage)
1 h – £40

4. Deluxe special SPA pedicure (Including Scrub)
1 h 15 min – £45
This treatment takes longer than a classic pedicure, but as a gel pedicure last up to 3 weeks, it is worth the wait.
Deluxe SPA pedicure
1. Cleanse and soak
Your spa pedicure will begin with a therapeutic foot bath. Your feet will be soaked and cleansed in warm water, in order to soften and prep the skin.
2. Cut, file and shape
Trim and file each of your toenails into an attractive and uniform shape. The other foot will be left to soak in order to allow your cuticles to remain soft and easy to manipulate.
3. Exfoliation
Use an exfoliant cream and a foot file to remove any dead skin cells present on the bottoms of your feet.
4. Massage and moisturiser
When the exfoliation stage is complete, you will then be treated to a pleasurable, unwinding foot massage, to help relax you. After relaxing massage your feet’s will enjoy rich moisturiser.
5. Polish application if required.

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