Indirect High Frequency treatment

Face, neck & Décolleté indirect high frequency for dry and sensitive skin

15min -
30min -


Indirect High Frequency is the use of High Frequency current to aid in product penetration and gentle skin stimulation. In contrast to Direct High Frequency, which is applied directly to the skin, Indirect High Frequency flows through the surface of the body, when the hands of the skin therapist make contact with the client’s skin as the client holds the electrode.

Indirect High Frequency is ideal for a skin that needs stimulation, such as a dry, lackluster, delicate, fragile, sensitive and flaccid skin. Indirect High Frequency stimulates blood, lymph and sebaceous activity without pulling or stretching the skin. It has an overall regenerating action but also promotes relaxation and sedation.
During an Indirect High Frequency treatment, the client holds the saturator electrode to channel the current. The client may experience a mild tingling sensation. The therapist may also feel this in her fingertips. The lighter the therapist’s pressure, the more stimulation occurs. Prior to the massage, an essential oil blend, treatment serum and/or active complex can be applied to the skin, followed by the massage medium of choice. A water-soluble massage cream or oil free massage base can be used. Determine what products and methods to use according to the skin condition and required amount of “slip and glide” necessary or preferred.
Indirect High Frequency benefits the following skin conditions:
• Ageing or prematurely ageing skin
• Dry and lacklustre skin
• Post-operative skin
• Recent scar tissue (between 4-9 months)
• Clients who dislike firm pressure massage
• Clients with loose or flaccid skin
And it benefits the skin by:
• Aiding in the penetration of treatment creams/serums/complexes by increasing the blood flow in certain areas
• Regenerating the skin
• Reenergising tired and stressed skin
• Assisting in massage for an ageing skin using the indirect method

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